Riccardo Carpigo

Mr. Carpigo is a Managing Director at Beaumont Partners and has 27 years of experience in Private Banking, Wealth Management and Private Equity.

Prior to Working with Beaumont Partners, he founded AVEMO Capital, an independent private equity company based in Geneva. Mr. Carpigo’s banking experience includes 10 years as an Executive Director at Sarasin Bank and Director at HSBC Private Bank responsible for Family Offices and Multi Family Offices with combined assets of over 7 billion USD with 40 million USD of annual revenue.

Previously, Mr. Carpigo spent 11 years at Citibank in roles that included Vice President, responsible for Credit and Risk Management at Citibank Luxembourg, and Vice President, responsible for Front Office Services for Citibank Switzerland. His experience covers a broad range of geographic regions across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Mr. Carpigo holds a BA degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.